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Eggless Online Workshop by Reshu Drolia

Cake Masterclass - Beginner to Business

Cake Masterclass – Beginner To Business

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👩‍🍳 50+ HD videos covering 22+ Designer CAKES

🍰 Master different baking techniques

📹 Pre-Recorded Course
📘 Language: Hindi

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What You’ll Get:

  • Lifetime Access
  • 35+ Cake Designs
  • How to make Theme, Birthday, Wedding & Tiered cakes
  • How to bake cake in OTG. Microwave and Gas
  • WhatsApp Support!


✨ Chocolate Sponge Using Condensed Milk
✨ Chocolate Sponge Using Milk
✨ Vanilla Sponge Using Curd
✨ Vanilla Sponge Using Premix
✨ Red Velvet Sponge Using Condensed Milk
✨ Red Velvet Sponge Using Premix


✨ 6 Way Sponges
✨ Spiral Cake
✨ Black Forest Cake
✨ Butterscotch Cake Class
✨ Chocolate Cake
✨ Over Loaded Cake
✨ Fruits Cake
✨ Ombre Cake
✨ Pineapple Cake
✨ Dual Color Cake
✨ Jungle Theme cake
✨ Matte Finish Cake
✨ Origami Cake
✨ Mickey Mouse Cake
✨ Shimmer Cake
✨ Red Velvet Cake
✨ Fault Line Cake.
✨ Barbie Doll Cake
Three Tier Wedding Cake
Two Tier Cake
Two Tier Flowers Cake


  • Pricing and Packaging: Learn how to price your cakes competitively and package them for safe and attractive delivery, a crucial skill if you plan to sell your creations.

  • Flavor Variety: Discover the art of crafting different cake sponges from scratch, enabling you to offer a wide range of delicious flavors to your customers.

  • Colorful Cream: Master the art of making flavored and colorful cream, allowing you to create eye-catching and tasteful cake decorations.

  • Perfect Ganache: Understand the perfect ratio for ganache, ensuring your cakes have that professional, smooth finish and rich taste.

  • Tiered and Theme Cakes: Acquire the knowledge to create tiered and theme cakes, expanding your repertoire and catering to a wider range of clients.

  • Leavening Agents: Understand the use of baking powder and soda, gaining control over the texture and rise of your cakes, leading to consistently excellent results.

  • Versatile Baking: Learn how to bake cakes in different types of ovens (OTG, microwave, and on a gas stove), giving you flexibility and adaptability in your baking process.

  • Carving and Combing: Hone your skills in carving and combing cakes, allowing you to create intricate and unique designs.

  • Chocolate Decorations: Discover the art of making chocolates for decoration, an attractive addition to your cake designs and an extra service you can offer.

  • WhatsApp Support: Benefit from ongoing support and guidance via WhatsApp, ensuring that you have assistance and answers to your questions when you need them, enhancing your learning experience.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS AND SUPPORT: Get continuous access and guidance for life, ensuring you’re always on the path to success.”
Reshu Drolia

Meet Reshu Drolia​

Reshu Drolia is an Indian Food Youtuber who has gained popularity for her channel, Mints Recipes. She has a total followings of more than 3.5M collectively on all social media channels.

She has trained over 1500 students in the art of baking through her channel, where she shares her knowledge, tips, and recipes with her audience. From traditional Indian desserts to contemporary bakes, Reshu’s channel is a one-stop destination for all things baking. 

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