Unlock Your Baking Skill

Unleash your baking potential with our 15+ eggless cake course

Unlock Your Baking Skill

Unleash your baking skills with our 15+ eggless cake course to make you begin your bakery business with this amazing course

Also learn 6 way eggless sponges right from the scratch with all do’s and don’ts of baking.

(1500+ Students Joined)

3 hrs+ Content


Language: Hindi

24 hrs Refund

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What will you learn?

Trust me, baking may seem intimidating but it’s not as hard as it looks, especially if you know the ins and outs of it.

This course will give you all the skills you need to get started and become a pro at it. It’s a piece of cake. 

Course Curriculum

6 Ways of sponges:

► Chocolate sponge using condensed milk

► Chocolate Cake using Milk

► Vanilla Cake Using Curd

► Vanilla Cake Using Premix

► Red Velvet Sponge Using Premix

► Red Velvet Using Condensed Milk

Tips & Tricks

► Why Cake Cracks on top

► Why Cake Becomes Crumbly

► Why Cake Becomes Hard

► Why Cake Become Sticky

► Cake Doesn’t Come Out Of Tin

► Why Batter Overflows

► Leavening Agent In Cake

► Why Cake Sinks from middle

Baking Guides

► Chocolate cream and Ganache

► How to use beater

► Baking tools

► Know Icing tools

► Icing for the cake

► Layering a cake

► Baking Tools

► Colors of cake

► Problems faced during baking

► Weighing your cake

► Oven and tips


Cake you will learn

► Spiral Cake

► Black Forest Cake

► Butterscotch Cake Class

► Chocolate Cake

► Over Loaded Cake

► Fruit Cake

► Ombre Cake

► Pineapple Cake

► Dual Color Cake

► Jungle Theme cake

► Matte Finish Cake

► Origami Cake

► Mickey Mouse Cake

► Shimmer Cake

► Red Velvet Cake

Cakes In the course

Reshu Drolia

Meet Reshu Drolia​

Reshu Drolia is an Indian Food Youtuber who has gained popularity for her channel, Mints Recipes. She has a total followings of more than 3.5M collectively on all social media channels.

She has a passion for baking and has honed her skills over the years.

She has trained over 1500 students in the art of baking through her channel, where she shares her knowledge, tips, and recipes with her audience. From traditional Indian desserts to contemporary bakes, Reshu’s channel is a one-stop destination for all things baking. Her easy-to-follow recipes and clear instructions have made her a favorite among viewers who are looking to improve their baking skills or try new recipes

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Baking Tools Guide Worth Rs. 1000/-

You will be getting a baking tools guide which will help you in making the best buying decision relating to the baking products.

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